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Well by now we know that we can invest our money, but where do we put it for best affect?

Basically there are just three different types of investing. At the top of course we have stocks, and followed closely by bonds and the old favourite cash. So how simple can it be? Well unfortunately from this point on it gets very complicated. Under each of the headings I have mentioned we have a myriad of sub topics.

 Now if you have about thirty years and lots of hours in your day to study, you can study all there is to know about all there is to use in your investment career. Yeah right! we can all do that can't we?

Seriously though, when your just starting out and lots of readers of this site fall into this category, the stock market is a big scary world and your first thoughts are that you will never understand it and you will probably loose your money anyway. Well of course lots of people never understand it and, yes lots of people do loose money. How you approach the market is in direct relationship to the type of investor you are.

 You might find this hard to believe but just like there are three types of i investing, there are just three types of investors.There are; the conservative investor, that I think of as the blue investors. The moderate investor, lets call them green and the fellow you can't hold back, or the aggressive investor that I like to call the red investors. To go along with these people we have the two levels of risk tolerance of high and low risk.

Now everyone who starts out earning a wage or any other type of income is a conservative investor, even if they haven't though about investing. Most of our income at first goes into an interest bearing deposit account.

Then when the idea of investing takes a hold of the investing part of our brain we progress to money market and mutual funds or treasury bills and sometimes Certificate of Deposit. All the above are very safe investments. It takes them a long time to grow and they are very low risk. So if you are young enough to get started now, put some of your money into these types of investments, but allow about 20 years to get a return. If you put a little into your investment each month it will surprise you how compound interest can take hold.

Now lets talk about the green investors. You find this investor putting his money into cash and bonds. Occasionally he may dabble into the stock market but stays a moderate investor. This investor is also found in the real estate market in low risk property.

 Then we have the red investors, found mostly in the higher risk stock market and business ventures as well as higher risk real estate. For instance you will find them buying older apartments and investing their money into the renovations of the property. Of course they expect to be able to lease or rent the building for more money than the investment is currently worth. Or preferably sell the property at a profit. Like all investing there is always a risk association with any investment.

 As you know I am forever preaching that you learn all you can about what you are thinking of doing.

History is the greatest teacher, understanding is the disciple, and all the successful investors know this from experience, with learning you can circumnavigate some of the bad experiences.

As always all the best for your investing.

Invest with knowledge

MR (ed)



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This free report will reveal more facts about the mutual fund industry's conspiracies and how to be your own financial advisor than in a full semester in college.

Why? Because you will be learning from someone who has been on the inside of trading for years, not a stale "never made a real dime" in his life academic professor or mutual "could not trade if his life depended on it" fund manager.



I've noticed recently, that a lot of people are interested in the Forex market. Now it's not something I deal in personally, so I have no experience to pass on to you. However since it is becoming so popular I went looking for what is out there to help you just in case you might want to go that way. Below is an advertisement for "Forex Apocalypse" Here is a quote from their web page

"The forex market works in a very similar way as the stock market. To put it simply Forex stands for foreign exchange. It’s the worldwide currency market. The currencies trade in pairs. When one currency falls, another rises. You can actually buy and sell money every day! But you don’t even have to care why people do it. All you need to know is that they do it and that the money is much bigger than the stock market. In fact, the forex market is so large that it’s bigger than all the world’s stock, bond, future and options markets combined with a daily volume surpassing 3.2 trillion dollars every single day."

As I mentioned it is the most popular site I have found just yet, They have some very good information, but be careful they are a good in their sales presentation, but they are also good at explaining the system, take the opportunity to learn what Forex is all about.


As always do your research and satisfy yourself, just don't jump in uneducated.

Admission: In exchange for the free information on this site ( we earn income from presenting the opportunities you see advertised here!  




This information at is provided solely for general education purposes and neither purports nor intends to be advice. No consideration has been given or will be given to the recipients, individual investment objectives, financial situation or specific needs, nor is it an invitation to you to take up securities or other financial products.

 If you are new to Stock Market Investing please, please, please read all the articles to the left. You will see me say this time and again, learn what you are doing before you do it. These are static articles, I never change them, because you can learn so much if you just take your time and read them. If you come here at least once a month you will see my editorial. I glean information from all over the world. I will not try to sell you my ideas and I will not encourage you to invest in a particular stock, but I will try to keep you informed on the trends that are happening.  So in most cases it won't happen the next day. What is offered here is intended only to make you think. And always stress that you get professional advice always, before you risk your hard earned money. I bid you welcome and I hope your stay is exceedingly rewarding.

Best Regards as Always MR.










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